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Our Commitment to Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. Olongapo Electricity Distribution Company, Inc., (OEDC) is providing this Privacy Policy to describe our personal information processing practices and explain the way your personal information is being handled by us.

This Privacy Policy informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use, security and protection, disclosure and sharing, retention and disposal and controlling the personal and sensitive personal information that we receive from customers, employees, vendors/contractors, visitors/guests or any data subject.

Our legal basis for processing your personal data

Pursuant to Republic Act No. 10173, also known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA), which aims to protect data in information and communications systems both in the government and the private sector, OEDC is issuing this Privacy Policy.

What information do we collect?

A. From prospective and existing customers, including customers with terminated services

    1. Information you provide to us when you apply for service, such as your name, address, phone number, email address, Tax Identification Number (TIN), evidence of authority to occupy (e.g., Contract of Lease, Transfer Certificate of Title, Special Power of Attorney (SPA), Undertaking / Authorization from owner of the premises) and, if applicable, details of your authorized representative;
    2. Billing and payment information used to pay your electric consumption;
    3. Information to determine eligibility to participate in certain energy programs or services;
    4. Information you fill out in any form on our website, such as, when you wish to contact us to lodge your concerns, to register at our customer portal;
    5. Information you give us when you communicate with OEDC such as with respect to inquiries and complaint details on the quality and reliability of electric service;
    6. Responses you or your representative provide when you participate in our customer surveys;
    7. Information you provide for verification purposes (e.g., to facilitate refunds or to avails of zero-rated VAT transactions), such as photocopy of a valid / government issued identification card or foreign passport;
    8. Any other information you provide for any legitimate purpose declared at point of collection of such information.

B. From prospective, active and separated employees

  1. Information you submit when you apply at OEDC for work, including what is contained in your resume and application from (e.g., work references);
  2. Information we collect during the processing of your application, such as testing results, employment offer, results of character investigation, and pre-employment medical assessment;
  3. Information we collect and maintain about you during your employment, such as your payroll information including but not limited to government mandated and third party remittances like SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-Ibig contributions; taxes; bank account information; wages; entitlements and benefits; health and welfare information; training and certifications, performance evaluation; sanctions; employment changes / work history;
  4. Information we retain about you even after your separation from service, such as beneficiaries, and contact information;
  5. Any other information you provide for any legitimate purpose declared at point of collection of such information.

C. From vendors, suppliers or contractors

  1. Information you submit to OEDC in your application of accreditation, and/or processing of payments, such as, your name, Tax Identification Number, address, contact details, educational attainment, work experience and banking information;
  2. Any other information you provide for any legitimate purpose declared at point of collection of such information.

D. From guests / visitors

  1. The information you provide when you enter our premises such as your name, address, vehicle type and plate number or conduction sticker number;
  2. Any other information you provide for any legitimate purpose declared at point of collection of such information.

How do we collect information from you?

A. During service contract application

We will collect your personal data when you apply for electric service contract with OEDC. Together with the signing of service contract, a Customer Data Privacy Consent Form will be signed to signify your consent to OEDC to collect needed personal information.

B. During logging process

Your personal information may be collected by our logging processes in case of logical and physical access to our systems and/or premises. When necessary, personal information may be retrieved for security purposes.

C. During on-line registration of job application

We may collect your personal data through online registration for job application.

D. Automatically by using cookies

By using our website and/or using services through it, you agree to the use of cookies, either via the OEDC website or email. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can modify your browser setting to decline cookies if you prefer. However, this may prevent you from taking full advantage of our website.

E. Links to other websites

Our website contains links, which may lead you to other websites beyond our control and not covered by this Privacy Policy. If you access other sites using the links provided, the operators of those sites may collect information from you, which may be used by them in accordance with their own privacy policy. We are not responsible for the protection and privacy of any personal information that third parties may collect, store and use though their website. Therefore, you should exercise caution and carefully study the privacy policy of each website you visit.

What we do with the information we collect?

OEDC stores, processes, and analyzes the information that you provide to us for purposes but not limited to:

A. For our customers

  1. Providing and continuously improving our electric services, as well as managing your account;
  2. Responding to your inquiry, concern or complaint;
  3. Sending important notices such as communications about your account, subscriptions, transactions, and changes to OEDC terms, conditions, policies, and/or other internal purposes;
  4. Sending messages related to your services such as copy of electric bill, outage notifications, updates, alerts and other information that you may request;
  5. Sending information about our programs and value added service offerings that may be of interest to you;
  6. Enabling us to accept bill payments;
  7. Verify your identity and eligibility to claim refunds;
  8. Auditing, data analysis, research to improve OEDC’s services, and for internal business development purposes.

B. For our prospective, active and separated employees

  1. Evaluating your eligibility for initial employment, including the verification of your qualifications and character references;
  2. Administering your pay, statutory deductions, entitlements, and benefits;
  3. Complying with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and submissions;
  4. Conducting performance reviews and incentives;
  5. Administering disciplinary action and sanction;
  6. Collecting and maintaining contact information;
  7. Maintaining your employment records;
  8. Processing employees work-related claims developing health and wellness programs.

C. For our vendors, suppliers or contractors

  1. Verifying and confirming your identity as a vendor as part of accreditation;
  2. Establishing, conducting and managing business relationships with you;
  3. Facilitating the payment to your invoices for any goods or services you have delivered/rendered;
  4. Complying with statutory, legal and regulatory requirements;
  5. Updating or maintaining your vendor account information;
  6. Establishing details of your authorized contact persons for the goods and/or services you supply;
  7. Responding to your questions, comments, and feedback or informing you about our requirements, programs, or advisories by letter, e-mail, telephone or other media for internal administrative purposes, such as auditing, data analysis, and database records management.

D. For our visitors / guests

  1. Establishing your identity;
  2. Recording the purpose of your visit;
  3. Monitoring visitor’s activities inside the company premises, including ingress and egress of equipment, vehicle, etc.

What happens if you don’t provide personal data?

OEDC, as your electric distribution utility and service provider, need your personal data in order for us to provide you with timely, satisfactory processing and delivery of your electricity connection, managing your account details (e.g. billing and payment information), providing information on your account and transactions, power situation updates and other form of queries related to your electric service connection. Therefore, if you do not provide such personal data, we may not be able to effectively deliver our services to your satisfaction.

How do we safeguard your personal data?

We are committed to ensure that your information is secure. OEDC shall undertake and implement reasonable organizational, physical, and technical security measures to protect your personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorized use, access, inadvertent disclosure, alteration, and destruction, and we require the third parties we contract with to support OEDC’s business operations to employ reasonable security measures as well (see “When and how we share your information with others” below) in collecting, receiving, transmitting, storing, and disposing your personal information.

You are responsible for the security of your information once it reaches you or your representative in any medium, including but not limited to written correspondences, bills, emails, and system applications. You should take appropriate measures to ensure that any medium or device you use to monitor or manage your account is secure and not accessible to anyone without permission.

When and how we share your personal data with others?

Access to your personal information is restricted to authorized OEDC employees and contractors on a need to know basis to carry out their responsibilities with regard to the conduct of our business such as meter reading, field inspection, energization, and restoration of your electric service. We request our contractors, through a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), to secure and keep your information confidential and we do not allow them to disclose your information to others, or to use it for their own purposes.

Your information may also be disclosed to government entities pursuant to and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, subpoena or court order.

How long we keep your personal data?

We keep your personal data only for as necessary:

  1. for the fulfillment of the declared, specified, and legitimate purposes provided above, or when the processing relevant to the purpose has been completed or terminated;
  2. for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims; or
  3. for other business purposes, that are consistent with standards established or approved by regulatory agencies governing OEDC

Thereafter, your personal data shall be disposed or discarded in a secure manner that would prevent further processing, unauthorized access, or disclosure to any other party or the public.


How we control your personal data?

If you wish to request for a copy of your personal data in our possession, or have it corrected if you believe that it is inaccurate or incomplete, please reach out to us through our contact information of Data Protection Officer found below. We will promptly respond to your request.

If you wish to opt of Customer E-Services communications or to otherwise restrict OEDC from further processing of your personal data for Customer E-Services purposes, please send an email to: We may retain some basic information in order to avoid sending you unwanted notifications in the future, but still keep a minimum contact information needed by OEDC to deliver our electric service to you.

How we can help? Getting in touch

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about OEDC’s personal data practices or this Privacy Policy, we encourage you to get in touch with our Data Protection Officer.

Data Protection Officer:

Brian E. Benedicto

Tel. No.: (+63 47) 222-9410


Office: OEDC Main Office, 1654 Rizal Avenue West Tapinac Olongapo City 2200


OEDC reserves the right to revise or modify this Privacy Policy, as necessary.

Reviewed by:                                                             Approved by:

Brian E. Benedicto                                                   Jose Maria A. Abaya

Data Protection Officer                                           President