OEDC 4 months Installment Scheme

  1. All accounts whose due dates are from 16 March 16 to 15 May 2020 are covered under the installment payment scheme. The total amount of the electricity bills which fall within these due dates can be amortized in four (4) monthly installments, payable in four (4) succeeding billing months starting May billing, which shall not be earlier than 30 May 2020.

  2. To allow more flexibility for the customers, the four (4)-month installment plan does not have to be strictly paid into four (4) equal amounts. So, in the example above, the amount to be paid for ECQ bills need not be Php 750. This installment of the deferred ECQ bill will be paid along with the current bill within the four (4)-month payment plan.

  3. In making payments, it will be applied first to the past due bills (old bills that are not covered under ECQ period) if there are, next to the deferred ECQ bill, and lastly to the current bill. In the event that the customer fails to pay the current bill on its due date, surcharge will be applied.

  4. However, customers who have the capacity to pay their March and April bills are still encouraged to settle their bills on or before the original due date. As a special consideration this time, we will be granting a discount of 3% on their March and April bills to customers who will pay their March and April bills (1) on or before original due date and (2) on or before May billing due date along with their May billing.  For those who have already paid their March and April bills, discounts are also granted.  The said discount will be credited to their next bill.

Coverage of 4 months Installment Scheme

Sample Payment Schedule